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One of the Forex strategies that has been gaining the most popularity at the moment is Scalping, as it has given traders an infinite amount of opportunities to deal with previously unreachable areas of the market. Now, many Forex Scalping robots have gone on sale, but what are they really and what do they do? Here we will teach you.

What is scalping in trading?

Scalping is a new trading strategy in which we face the area of ​​buying and selling currencies or financial products where everything is done quickly, that is, in a short space of time.

Therefore, the scalper is achieved by only having made a few pips in the market.

This same one can also fall within the category of speculation trading, since it is carried out quite frequently effects and derivatives where the effects of highly important leverage enter.

Likewise, when the return on the investment in which each position is small is going to be made, they end up comparing the risks assumed, but with the advantage of achieving a positive position.

This way of operating is one of the fastest in terms of movements in trading, and it is being used quite regularly.

With this we can summarize that the Scalping technique is really one of the most accessible for modernist traders, since high frequency operations are requiring a great professional team and an excellent internet connection where speed prevails.

El Scalping en Forex

Within Forex, Scalping is a little more different than what we are telling you, although it is still a technique, in this area it works in such a way that it takes large volumes of investments where the periods of time are very short.

This is done in such a way that results can be achieved in brief moments, but it deserves a strategy to follow.

In short, Scalping is responsible for a form of algorithmic trading, in which an average of 5 pips are earned, mostly representing large profits, all according to the operation.

Robot de Forex Scalping

Knowing all this we can say that the Forex robots that work directly with Scalping are those that follow the same pattern mentioned above within the brokers or methods in which the market of the moment is carried.

These robots mostly follow a predetermined system that must be updated as the market changes, but some of them, the most expensive, are those that work hand in hand with artificial intelligence, where they adapt better to any change what happens.

Pros of robots with scalping strategy

  • They are less frequently exposed to losses in the market as they face unexpected situations.
  • Small movements will be guaranteed as they are his specialty.
  • You can even make profits in markets that are down or calm.
  • The results are very fast.

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