In today’s market there are many robots and software that work directly with trading, a very new and quite remunerative form of income. But with so many on the web, we wonder which one is the best? In this section we will introduce you to BinBot Pro, one of the most assiduous to the quality and performance of the moment.

What is BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro is a collection of robots for sale that are responsible for performing binary operations for users who buy it in order to use their trading algorithms. This tube was established in 2016 as one of the best and only automated software that allows the complete operation of both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, all carried from the same platform.

It is based on a list of analysts with years of work in the United States, but by this time it has been in multiple languages ​​and many countries are welcome. Something that makes it so outstanding is the multitasking and easy management of its operations from its own platform, as well as support and good responsibility on the part of its trading agents.

It is good to keep in mind that it is software without a license, so the work of its algorithms is based on the connection of certain brokers to execute the operations. It has a very simple and highly configurable user-friendly system, so it provides the user with an ideal level of customization as well as an adaptation of their own trading strategies.

Advantages of BinBot Pro

Manual customization of the robots: As a user, you will enjoy the possibility of manually customizing the robots, so that throughout the negotiation process you will not be left alone to the bots, as you will be able to specifically deal with some of operations settings and reference options.


Fast and reliable: BinBot Pro’s trading platform is one of the fastest, most reliable, and easy to use. Plus, with connection technology servers designed specifically for it, you’ll have one of the best connection speeds so your operations are always up and running.


Account manager: The same software contains in its composition an account manager that will allow clients to open and fund from any of their accounts, also, the Bot will take advantage of the information to help them in all possible operations.


Commercial, innovative and free bots: You wo n’t have to pay for these bots. Once you have an account on the platform, each of the bots will belong to you so that you can configure them at the moment and thus start trading as you wish. These bots are based on an innovative algorithm that is based on artificial neural network technology that will allow the analysis of at least 20 million operations simultaneously.


Risk management: The platform also has a risk containment system for clients who are in charge of alerting or warning of a possible risk of losses.


No fees of any kind: Something that you will surely love is that BinBot Pro does not charge any fees for using bots, making trades or making withdrawals. The robots that the platform owns are completely free, and are activated after the funds for the service have been deposited. Withdrawals do not generate commissions.


Demo account: Users who download the platform for free can travel between the application options in order to test what they are going to buy.

Disadvantages of BinBot Pro


Operations are not invisible: When bots are actively working, they maintain operations, so other users can see that they are being maintained. They will have to wait for the trade to complete before the result can be seen.


Short trading periods: Trades can be placed and closed after 60 seconds.

How do you work with BinBot Pro?


Registration: The first thing you will have to do is to register on its page, filling in your name, the address of your email, and then establishing a password and adding the phone number . Registration is free, so you just have to click on the following link to access it: https://robot.binbotpro.com/register?


Deposit of funds: Once the registration of your account has been completed, you must click on the button that has the name â ???? Depositâ ???? to start. You must deposit a small amount consisting of $ 250 and as a recommendation we tell you that it is better not to deposit more than that. It starts small and grows from there. The page has several payment styles, look for the one that best suits your methods.


Automatic trading: Once the money has been deposited, you will decide the adjustments you have in mind for the operations, where the risk management will enter, determining the limits regarding the stoppage of pà © losses and profit acquisition. You can also decide which cryptocurrency you want to trade and how many you want to trade at the same time.

Account types in BinBot Pro

Bronze robots: In this type of account the robots are ready to work with a minimum deposit of $ 250. It has the following characteristics:

  • Neuro Scanner v3.0 with a return rate of 86%.
  • RSIMA Cross with 295% rate of return.
  • Strong ADX v.2 with 109% rate of return.
  • Bolly Band Bounce with a 99% rate of return.
  • RVI and MA with a return rate of 97%.
  • BladeRunner with an 88% rate of return.
  • Strong US v2 with a return rate of 102%.
  • HP Cycles with 109% rate of return.

Silver robots: With this type of account, the minimum deposit is $ 1000 to start working, and it has the previous characteristics, adding:

  • xProfit with a return rate of 118%.

Golden Robots: Robots start working from a deposit of 3000 $. It adds the above features with an enhancement of:

  • xProfit with a return rate of 128%.

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