best forex robot 2020

Forex trading is emerging every day, this is due to the multiple tools that traders have in order to manage in an easier way.

One of these tools is the Forex Robot , which facilitates thousands of opportunities, as long as a reliable one is chosen.

With the purpose of facilitating your search, we have carried out a study of the best forex robot, with the comparison among the most interesting.

Comparison of the 8 best Forex robots

Binbotpro Cripto

The Binbotpro is considered the best Cryptocurrency Forex robot, with an intuitive platform and easy handling for both experts and novices.

One of the characteristics that has positioned it as an original software is the ability of immediate withdrawal and transparent trading of this platform. Obtaining BinBotpro Crypto is having a guaranteed successful trading experience in the digital currency market.

To enjoy its services, registration is required, a process that will not take more than 5 minutes, the minimum hiring plan is $ 250. It has other options that have many more commercial functions and allow to know more service.

Worthy FX

This forex robot has been specially designed for traders who are inclined towards options or settings a little more sophisticated to manage money. It has an algorithm that operates several times a month, only quotes the EUR GBP pair, being one of the smartest alternatives because it is the currency pair that regresses the most and has good volatility.

During the close of the Worthy FX market, you enter limit orders according to the swing strategy principle. PT profits are set at 300 pips and the SL trailing trailing stop, which guarantees that the higher the movement, the more profits can be obtained.

Piphiker EA

The Pip is the favorite forex robot of many traders, since the system at the moment of initiation begins to operate immediately. This characteristic is what has positioned Piphiker EA as the best forex robot on the market since this immediate effectiveness of automatic trading is what many people are looking for.

In addition to this, he builds a grid with many strategies, using the hedge to make the system much more stable. Its strategy is based on selecting the pairs that are changing, currently the most quoted is the GBP.

World Market

This Forex robot is an AI managed account platform, in the world markets that offers the most solid results.

The AI ​​trading system is fully tested, allowing assets such as Exotics, Gold and Silver and Digital Gold to be delivered.

It has a high frequency algorithm that offers the most outstanding results in the market, that is why the World Market forex robot is today the most indispensable trading platform for many traders.

It has an excellent team of professionals who manage the accounts, this guarantees investors a safe and profitable commercial transaction.

As for the, World Market has the computer system that allows to predict market conditions with the greatest accuracy and precision.

This has made World Market the most valued forex robot by trading experts by offering the most comprehensive benefits of artificial intelligence trading.


It is the most accurate automatic execution software, it is designed with machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, to effectively operate in advanced currency trading with automatic cryptocurrencies.

It has a technical analysis algorithm that is operated by a machine, which guarantees traders the best results. It provides valuable and useful information on the potential movement of asset prices.

People who choose ETBot as their forex robot will have the opportunity to scale the increasing demand for Crypto assets that are available for trading.

The ETBot robot is automatically in charge of trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, among others, all operations carried out have a full custodian of funds. For these characteristics it has received the approval of many qualified experts in cryptography in the industry.

Its registration process is very fast and simple, the platform is designed for the management of expert traders and beginners.


AvaTrade’s system efficiently buys one currency using another, also known as currency pairs.

One way to do it is by using the most common which is EURUSD, this currency pair indicates that you are buying in EUR with USD, when the pair is sold it is shown in the opposite direction, buying USD by selling EUR. With AvaTrade The currency pairs that are presented as the rate reflect the ratio of values ​​of the two currencies.

The aspects that make AvaTrade the best forex robot is that it can be traded with complete confidence, it is also known internationally as a regulated broker.

It offers more than 50 currency pairs to manage, trading with major, minor and exotic pairs. As for spreads, they are the most competitive, their trading platform allows managing operations manually or with automatic trading , even as leveraged trading.

AvaTrade’s platform is user-friendly for both AI trading experts and beginners by making it easy for them to master trading skills. All the training material in online trading is of the highest quality and the market analyzes presented are updated daily.

It has personalized customer service and live multilingual support.


This robot, is the most profitable web-based software for automatic trading CFDS, has the ability to select top-notch trading indicators, which provide the flexibility to choose the most strategy. adequate and automate it.

It is a system known as forgetfulness, since its configuration is web-based, so you will not need to download anything to use the system.

This forex robot is considered the best compared to any other forex EA for the ease of use, support options and the profitability it offers. For users or investors who prefer to stay in a niche, DaxRobot is ideal for handling CFDs, this robot will offer them a lot of content to learn about CFDs.

FX Master Bot

It is the forex trading software that allows it to be configured by the user to obtain the best results, as it has the simplest trading platform.

With FXMasterBot the client will elevate his commercial activity to a higher level in the simplest way when carrying out operations.

This is due to the trading algorithm with which it is developed, in which it will never be required to do any financial analysis since the forex robot FxMasterBot performs them for the client.

Its design makes it easy for the user to change signals and strategies in the way they want, according to needs and preferences.

One of the aspects that stands out the most about FXMasterBot is that it broadcasts the data live, which guarantees to always be up-to-date with the latest market movements. It has a new signal every minute and 17 forex pairs and 5 cryptocurrencies.

This forex robot is totally reliable since it works with brokers of the highest reputation and with different licenses granted by regulatory bodies.

These are the best forex robots on the market.

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