Gold Mining Ea

Hello everybody,

We are here again after the new year with new power and we the same objetive we had the last year, try to show you the Best Forex Robots. And we will start again with the final review of Gold mining Ea and with one surprise we will put at the end of this post.

As we said in the first post, this kind of Forex Robots are dangerous, they are based in martingale strategy and surely someone you know the last month of the last year the gold had a very big price up ride, in these cases this kind of eas, as we said before, are very very dangerous.

Take a look to this image:

Golf movements

As you can see the price of the gold is going up since more than 2 months and for Gold mining ea is the worst movement possible. For this reason our 3 demo accounts has gone to the hell……

This is what happens with martingale eas, maybe with high balance you can solve this problem, or maybe with bigger timeframe (we were using 5 minutes timeframe) the results are not the same, but all of you know we are not very fans of martingales eas.

Anyway this is our experience and one of our goal for this new year is the users use the eas and share with us the results. So for this reason we will start to sharing (sometimes for free and other times with small fees) our most “famous” Forex Robots like this Gold Mining ea.

For this reason here you can download for free Gold Mining Ea but please share here your comments with us and with all the people who want to do some money with this kind of forex robots.

Click in the image below to download:

gold mining ea

As we said always please, test first in demo account.

Stay tuned for more!!!!


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    1. The settings are in the zip file. You need to test it in demo tester to try to find the best conbination for you friend :).

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