🥇The Best VPS for Forex: Looking for flexibility and security? 1

In this article we are going to ground something that is usually done in a very technical way. My goal with this post is that you understand what a VPS is and how it can help you in your trading. It can even help you outside of trading. Pay attention

1. What is a VPS?

In other articles I have told you how important constant execution is, how to apply trading systems accurately …

Well here the VPS can help you.

A VPS is a virtual server (hence the acronym ‘Virtual Private Service’) that works just like a real server.

Simply put, it’s like you have a computer in the cloud (think Dropbox). When you hire a VPS you can connect with an icon from your computer to that other ‘computer in the cloud’.

And like any PC, you can configure the operating system you want, the power and the characteristics of your equipment. And of course, depending on this, it will also be the price you will pay for the service.

2. ¿VPS para trading?

This is very good, you think. But what does this have to do with trading?

Well you see, when you hire a VPS you are cured in health. If, for example, there is a power outage or the Internet, your operation will not suffer. The server acts independently, so you avoid some unforeseen events that, although they seem far away now, happen.

It offers you greater security and flexibility , you can connect from anywhere in the world for a few euros a month.

Now less with all this that is happening, but I like to do periods of time where I disconnect and take the opportunity to travel. If I leave my laptop or home PC on with the systems running, I would not be at ease.

What if it restarts? A blackout and then I can’t turn it on? Now I travel with my laptop. If I want to see something specific, I connect from it to the VPS, while I supervise with my mobile that everything is OK. Peace of mind, don’t forget.

3. But how does a VPS work?

When you hire a virtual server, it already has all the necessary resources that are assigned within a much larger, robust and powerful physical server.

🥇The Best VPS for Forex: Looking for flexibility and security? 2

The physical server is divided into several virtual partitions that are assigned to multiple users, however, each of them is configured to function separately. Although different users will have access to the physical server, you will have total and absolute control over the resources that are assigned to you in this virtual partition.

4. How to access or connect to your server

Once you configure and purchase your server (now I will tell you some factors for this), you will be assigned an IP address, username and password to access.

From your laptop or PC (in my case with a Windows environment), you can enter the VPS using the “Remote Desktop Connection” application found in the Start menu. Enter the username and password previously given by the company where you have hired it to log in.

Ready, welcome to the desktop environment of your PC in the cloud with the same functionalities as your computer. From your virtual desktop, you can download and install the trading platforms that you need now to work.

Ah, you can also access your VPS through MAC OS, iOS and Android systems.

5. What factors should you take into account when selecting a VPS?

The VPS offer that you will find on the internet is quite wide, you can choose from VPS to host your website to a specific VPS for your account in Metatrader, for example.

Although trading or Forex VPS are more specific and are usually optimized for it, they often have quite high prices and unless you are going to do something super specific you will not find much difference with one that works well in general. In fact, now I will comment, but I have used one of these for years and I am happy.

Many people get obsessed with latency, spend a pasture and then swing trading and it hardly affects their trading. The same thing happens with the location of the VPS. Choosing a VPS that is close to your broker’s server is important if nanoseconds matter to you. In the vast majority, this is not the case.

My advice here is clear, hire a server with the specifications with which you would buy your computer to trade.

As for the price, it is another important factor to value to choose. Remember that the most expensive is not always the best, make sure you strike a balance between the price and the requirements you need. In the case of Metatrader (one or two platforms installed), at least one CPU, 1 Gb of RAM and at least 25 GB of hard disk are usually sufficient.

6. Advantages of using a VPS for Forex.

I have already told you the good thing about using a server and basically the reasons why I have been doing it myself for years. But just in case, here is a checklist:

  • It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It does not affect you if the light goes.
  • Faster and more accurate connection and execution speed.
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping your PC on always (this also now electricity).
  • You can access the VPS from any place or device.

If you do algorithmic or automated trading, VPS is going to be one of your indispensable tools. You’ve been that for me for years. If you are starting out and have little money, you can start by testing and leaving your computer on but as you get serious about this, I recommend you get one.

7. What is the best VPS for Forex?

Since I began to be interested in hiring a VPS, I have tried several, including the free version from Amazon. From my point of view, very limited.

To this day, although I know that there are very good and specialized ones such as those of Beeks, for quality price I prefer Contabo.

For the execution I use the M.

If you have one or two Metatraders, the S package may be worth it .

Here you can see the different options they have for you to compare specifications and prices.

Remember that maybe this is the best VPS for me, it doesn’t have to be the best for you. This is just a “Hey, look at this, you may still be interested.”

Regarding the operating system, you can choose between different versions of Linux or Windows Server 2012 (this is the one I use).

🥇The Best VPS for Forex: Looking for flexibility and security? 3

Offers technical support 365 days a year, by phone or email. In addition, they have tutorials on everything you need to know to configure your server, although the information is in English.

8. The last one, shared or dedicated server?

When you are going to hire a server, you are going to see that there are different types and that you can get a shared (cheaper) or dedicated one.

As its name already says, in one you share resources, so they cannot guarantee that you will get all the power of it, because it also depends on your server ‘companions’. This in the dedicated does not happen, it is everything for you, that’s why it is more expensive.

Well, in this case I have a shared server (VPS) to execute the strategies because this is enough for me. I have recently caught one dedicated to creating and searching for strategies, but you can supply this with your computer if you prefer.

The most important thing is execution. Design your environment, perhaps all this can help you. If so, I appreciate your sharing so that this all makes sense.

Any questions, I will read you in comments.

Big hug and thanks for reading.

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