Darkslide Forex Robot | One of Best Eas 2018

Darkslide Forex Robot | One of Best Eas 2018

Today in this short post we will speak about one new Forex Robot, Darkslide Forex Robot. This expert advisor is a scalper and works pirncipally in EURUSD currency pair in 5 minutes timeframe.

Here you can see the parameters of this Darklisde Forex Robot:

As soon as you take a look about these values you will see we havent a lot of values to consider but as scalper we need to have clear in with broker we will use, because the most important thing of this kind of Forex Expert Advisor, is the speed to execute the order.

Is Darkslide really good?

In our backtests we have get very good results with low spread and fast execution as you can see in the following picture:

The results of Darkslide Expert Advisor are really good, now we need to see the performance in real account. We will start next week one ECN real account and we will keep updated about the real results.

If you want more information about this Expert Advisor, please contact with us.

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