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Here we are again with one of famous Forex Robot in this moment, Gold Mining Ea. As you surely know sometimes one EA or Forex Robot in some moment becomes “famous” and all the scammers try to copy it, and it´w very difficult to find the good one, the original Gold Mining Ea.

We know the original price of this EA is around 500 USD but a lot fo retailers and scammers are selling it at 50 USD, be careful, maybe 50 USD is not high price but you can lose a lot of money if you put this fake Gold mining ea in a real account, you can lose a lot of money.

Original Gold Mining Ea – How to know it?

As we said before you can find now a lot of fake Forex robots and in this case, when a ea is “famous” much more, so we have the one we think is original one and it has these settings:

gold mining ea

We think is the original one, so if you want to buy be sure the ea you are buying has the same parameters before buy it. As you see there are some parameters you need to understand to try to optimize.

How to Use Gold mining Ea

This is is based only in gold and in 1 minute timeframe. You can use with more or less risk, as you know more risk more profit but in our tests we are using with different settings and after one week we can say the results are very good. As we said we are testing with different risk reward ratios and the ea works very well. Surely one week is not enough to know if this Gold mining Ea is really good or not but as you know our aim is always try to clarify you before spend any single dollar.

Results of Gold mining Ea

Here you have some results of our tests with different risk ratio:

Results of real cent account with high risk ratio:

results gold mining ea

As you see in this case the results are very good, near 20% of profit in 6 days but one day the drawdown went to near 50% so maybe is not the best option if you want profits in some more time.

Results of low risk ratio:

low risk gold mining

As you see in this case the drawdown is very low and the profit is good too, near 10% in 5 days, maybe is the best option for people who want stable results with controlled risk.


Final conclusions of Gold mining Ea – 2019

As you can see we are testing this ea or Forex Robot and as we said before we need more time to analize correctly the results in long time but for the moment take care about the scammers and stay tuned to our blog.


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