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Hello people today we are here with new review of this expert advisor, Jum Stoch expert Advisor or the same name Jum+StoCh+v2.5F. This is a “famous” forex robot inside the Forex Robots world because it is free, it is, you can download for free and use it in real or demo accounts to test or to run directly in real account. This Forex Robot is a special martingale robot, we say special because it uses two directions, buy and sell, when the trend of the pair goes against your orders, so on this way you can control the DD of the account.

In our opinion you can use this Expert Advisor in cent account but you can use too in standard account but you need to take in account the balance of your account of course.

Review of Jum+StoCh+v2.5F Forex Expert Advisor

We have started two real accounts (cent accounts) with 2000 usd balance into it and we are using one special settings in 5 minutes timeframe and the results of this week are very impresive:

Jum Stoch Forex Robot | Review Of this Forex Expert Advisor 2

As you can see in one simple week we have near the 50% of increase of the account, really good right?. As we always say this is only one week and we need to know more about this Jum Stoch expert Advisor but for the moment the results are very very impresive.

As you surely know the settings sometimes are the most important thing to get the best results with any forex robot and here you can see the parameters of Jum+StoCh+v2.5F

Jum Stoch Forex Robot | Review Of this Forex Expert Advisor 3


As you can see we have a lot parameters to check and to test and each one gives different configuration to the ea so we need to see witch parameters and witch timeframe is the best to get the better possible results in our trading day.

As we said in our previous posts about the things you need to know into the Forex World this expert advisor is really good to make some extra income every day but we give another tip, get your money as soon as you have recover your investment, always do it, the Forex Market is hard and in one day you can lost all you have win in some weeks.

We will keep you updated about this Forex Expert every week so stay tunned to this post!!!

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