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Hello everybody,

We are here again to speak about this forex robot, Menirva Forex Robot. This is not a martingale robot, this Forex Robots enter to the market very rarely and with high precision.

Each trade of Menirva Forex Robot has stop loss and take profit so, of course, Menirva does not win all the trades but here, like in the rest of the Forex Robots, the most important thing is win more than loss.

The robot shows like this:

menirva forex robot

As you can see Menirva Works for eurusd pair and in 1 minute timeframe.

Menirva forex Robot Review

At this point we can say after two week of trading in real account with this forex robot, we had 4 trades, 3 win and 1 loss, so for the moment we can consider profitable. For other side the setup of the Menirva Forex Robot is very easy, it hasn’t any parameter to configure, is just plug and play. We haven’t a lot of parameters, the ea will calculate the trade lots depending of your balance, so we only need to add and just it.

The Robot looks like this:

menirva forex robot

As you can see we haven’t any parameter, nothing just plug and play.

This is all for the moment, we will continue testing the robot and we will keep you updated!!



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