News 2020 Forex Broker

Hello again, we are here today to speak about News Fx Forex Robot. In this case we want to explain how this robot works and the difference between this kind of robots (HFT Forex Robots) and other kind of Forex Robots.

How News fx 2020 Forex Robot Works.

This Forex robot is based in high frequency trading, it means the trades will be very fast, only few seconds normally, and when the market moves suddenly. Sometimes when we have some Forex News we can trade these news (we will write a new article about it) and this is how this expert works, normally it only trades when news made the price go high or down very fast. In this cases we can some good profit in a very short time.

The News Fx 2020 Forex Robot does not work only in news, sometimes the market moves for one tweet, for one meet, etc… So we can get good profits and normally with very small drawdown, because the trades are very very fast. This maybe a problem because some Forex Brokers don’t like this kind of trades but if you find good broker this kind of Forex Robots you can do good money in very short time.

Video of How This Forex Robot Works.

In this video you can see really well how this kind of robots works, lets see:


As you see the trade duration this is what we are speakign about, short and fast trades.

Review of News fx 2020 Forex Robot

Here comes the point, we are testing this robot and in a few weeks we will share here the results of this kind of robot, we are searching for good Brokers and for the moment we can say the results are not as good as we expect but as we always do we need time to do it.

Stay tunned to our news about this News fx 2020 Forex Robot.

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