If you are a reader of this blog you will have noticed that I like long posts because I think a good analysis is the basis of any good decision.

And in this case it will not be different because the magnitude of the Nimbus Platform project requires not only this post but many others that can reflect the expectations of the founders of this company.

Thus, the objective of this post is to provide the information that I have been able to collect so far as well as a preliminary opinion of this unique project.

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A few days ago I had the pleasure of being in a meeting on Nimbus Platform with Andrea Zanon (Executive Chairman) and David Mazaheri (CEO). Since there were few of us in the meeting, I was able to ask you several questions.

What struck me first is that, as they say, they’re not newcomers to the world of finance. They are people with experience in the first level financial institutions, as well as in the most startup sector, advising very young companies. I really liked this kind of experience in both fields, because it’s not just about people who know how things are done in the premium financial world but also when a company is starting out.

Personally, I was impressed with his answers – and learned – of his knowledge of the financial world (not only of the big banks/funds but also of the startup world and entrepreneur in general).

I was amused because when they defined what Nimbus Platform is, each of them explained it in their own way. And that’s not bad. The project is so large that all definitions could work.

David was more inclined towards setting up a Fintech that was between the institutional financial world and the world of cryptocurrencies but above all gave access to premium financial products worldwide.

Andrea, however, had a more entrepreneurial or rather entrepreneurial vision. He is passionate that from Nimbus Platform users have access to a lot of investment products and that it was like a kind of crowdfunding platform.

In any case, both definitions are correct. Nimbus Platform is a secure cryptocurrency platform from which a series of financial apps – or products – are run that allow anyone with internet access to become a retail investor and participate in the global economy.

I’m going to emphasize the retail investor thing: that means that anyone who enters Nimbus does so through a platform that has been specially designed to be accessible, secure and, above all, regulated.

Retail investors, as we could be any of us, don’t have to know about trading and investing, but we can be investors. Nimbus Platform wants to have these types of users, so it has created an ideal environment for them.

In this vein, Nimbus’s mission is to empower people with access to the tools needed to participate in financial markets. Through a safe, scalable and easy-to-use ecosystem, they give individual (small) investors the opportunity to have products and services only accessible to institutional (large) investors.

And all this can only be done in a renaissance environment such as that offered by cryptocurrencies.
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At this point you’ll think this is a sponsored post or something like that. I assure you, it’s not. I simply write from the view of someone who 72 hours ago was surprised by a super ambitious project, which goes far beyond what I’ve seen so far.

The day before, when I was talking to a friend of the project, I told him that it looked like Nimbus Platform was intended to offer the services of a crypto investment bank. My surprise was when David not only corroborated it, but said they wanted to become a top-notch, JP Morgan, Nomura or Santander-style.

While the attendees of the meeting arched the eyebrows Andrea nuanced that this is the goal of Phase 3 (in another post I will explain them in more detail) but that what they want now is, especially to get capital and users, because it is the best way to develop a good product. Hence his very aggressive generous compensation plan that we’ll talk about later.

Do you prefer to watch it on video? Here you go…


Nimbus marketplase

The format proposed by Nimbus Platform is very interesting from a user experience point of view: we can create which products we want simply by installing certain applications. It’s as simple as that.

The apps are located on the Nimbus Marketplace, which is where the user can create a portfolio using the investment products of their choice. These are very varied financial investment products, including traditional and cryptocurrency products.


As I told you, the Nimbus platform wants to be like an ecosystem of financial apps/products (such as a Google Play or AppStore of finance). All of them managed by professionals, as banks do.
[the_ad id=”2137″] Today they have decided to go on the market with the following applications:

Avalon App: application of spatial arbitration or statistical arbitration through which we can obtain regular income passively. It is a type of arbitration widely used in the stock and Forex market that offers very good opportunities if you have the right structure.

Avalon Bounty App: is the application to participate in the referral program (compensation plan) of Nimbus Platform. It is not mandatory to be part of the referral program to obtain profitability of the Avalon App, but the truth is that it is a very generous program that is worth considering.

Upcoming applications/products will be peer-to-peer loans between users, participations in IPOS (Initial Public Offerings), purchase of shares, etc. We’ll see all this as the company advances.



Yes, I know, as much as a guy comes offering to offer to invest in the next Crypto-JPMorgan, what we really want to know is how they’re going to monetize our money.

Nimbus Platform offers us as the first product the spatial arbitration of cryptocurrencies accessible to the general public (also known as statistical arbitration or cointegration).

Basically what this algorithm does is detect currency pairs that are overbought and oversold (at the same time) and executes buy and sell trades at the same time. What we earn is the distance the price has to travel until prices return “at their normal price”.

As in all arbitrations, it then takes advantage of an inefficiency of the cryptocurrency market. The internal structure is based on an arbitration algorithm that mixed with a very fast technological infrastructure is able to profit from such inefficiencies.

Any investment system is at risk, including any type of arbitration. Space arbitration is still considered to be low risk. As Nimbus uses leverage to offer higher profitability (which could increase risk) what they have done is form a Control Reserve Fund that allows to control the falls and possible loss s (i.e., that as investors we would not notice the volatility).


The Avalon App is the “app” dedicated to the spatial arbitration of cryptocurrencies that we download to invest. The operation is very simple:
[the_ad id=”2137″] 1 The user enters funds to launch the Avalon App and makes daily profits on their account. The longer the funds are left in the app, the higher the profits.

2 The interest accrued daily on the main account is added 24 hours after the initial deposit.

3 Payments are made in NMBT. They can be converted into BTC and withdraw from the platform at any time.

The app works 24/7, since cryptocurrency markets never close.

The system is fully automated, although it is supervised by a technical team, developed by the Quadum Inc team. The system automatically controls volatility increases. The system is based on systems that have been used previously in Forex, so it is highly optimized (because Forex is the most difficult market in the world due to its high efficiency).


When investing in financial assets it is very convenient to know what management strategy is behind it: after all it is what will determine our profits in the future.

In this case, we need to know what kind of arbitration strategy Avalon uses to generate profitability. It is a sophisticated strategy that combines spatial arbitration with coverage that results in a very complex structure.

What we do know from Nimbus technicians is summarized in the following table:


To be able to invest in the Nimbus Avalon space arbitration app it is necessary to enter/deposit a minimum amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. The quantities are as follows:

– Bitcoin >> Minimum amount: 0.05 BTC Maximum quantity: No limit.

– Ethereum >> Minimum Quantity: 1.5 ETH Maximum quantity: No limit.

– Tether >> Minimum quantity: 500 USDT Maximum quantity: No limit.

As for the maximum amount, there is no limit, you can invest whatever you want. You will then be able to collect and withdraw your investment and your benefits in the cryptocurrency you invested. You can then exchange it for another cryptocurrency.


Avalon App offers us static rather than dynamic profitability. This means that we will charge not for the profitability that is generated but for the amount of money we deposit. The more, the more profitability.

For example, if we deposit $1,000 we will have a 0.3% return per day, which means 9% per month. Not bad at all, is it?

>> You may wonder how they can ensure profitability— they don’t. They are simply based on past returns. Avalon App generates more profitability each day from which it is distributed. This surplus is used for 3 things mainly: the management of the company, the payment of referrals (compensation program) and another part use it for the Control Reserve Fund that I commented on earlier (if the overall one-day trading is a loser, they use it to pay investors).

Certainly, there are platforms that today are offering a slightly higher return (such as Mind.Capital)
[the_ad id=”2137″] However, Nimbus Platform has the following features:

– Spatial arbitration, instead of triangular arbitration: it is neither better nor worse, it is simply another strategy, so it can be a way to diversify your investments.

– Bitcoin as collateral for everything: everything is referred to based on the price of Bitcoin, so both your investment and your return will move based on it. In case you want to accumulate new bitcoins in the face of a possible rise in the future, this can be a good way.

– Daily compound interest: this has a lot of strength, since they raise the force of compound interest to maximum power. Every day the profits are reinvested, and profits can be made of them daily.

In short, Avalon App offers an interesting way to monetize our bitcoins. You want some more? Wait till you see your referral compensation plan.


Although they don’t come from the world of multilevel marketing or network marketing, Nimbus’s founders understand that they can use it to have many users with brutal growth. Without going any further, according to Andrea Zanon her goal is “to have 1 million users in the next 6 months”.

For this reason, as with other platforms, to open account on Nimbus Platform it is necessary to have an invitation link like this:


Let’s be clear: you probably haven’t seen a compensation plan similar to the one that Nimbus Platform is leveraging today. In fact, it has so many nuances that I’ll dedicate an entire post later. For now I’m going to try to summarize the essentials to get started.

The first thing you need to do to participate in the Nimbus Platform Compensation Plan (referral program) is to install the Avalon Bounty app.

The preliminary goal of the Avalon Bounty app is to attract 150,000 customers to the Avalon (arbitration) app by leveraging the strength of network marketing.

That is, to participate as an investor in Nimbus cryptocurrency arbitration you do not need to have referrals. However, Nimbus offers us the possibility to earn extra revenue if we help you attract new users using the Avalon Bounty app.


It is a very sophisticated marketing program that as a result has created the Avalon Bounty app.

The app is entirely dedicated to the referral reward, created exclusively for the Avalon App. The operation is as follows:

1 After installing the Avalon app, users can install the Avalon Bounty app through the Marketplace and thus get their unique invitation link and start inviting new users to the Avalon app.

2 Since the new user provides funds to the Avalon app, the person who invited you begins to earn reward interest on the invitation.

3 Interest accrues daily on the main balance after 24 hours from the user’s initial deposit. Payment is made in NMBT (Nimbus internal token) according to the actual exchange rates at that time.


In order to advance the levels of the compensation program (we will see it later), it is necessary to have a GEM reservation.

Nimbus uses this crypto to make balances, avoid multiple accounting and obtain additional leverage for the Avalon app (i.e. they also use it to trade and make more profit). As you’ll see later, if you want to participate in the referral program and open levels, you’ll need to increase your GEMs booking.

Basically Nimbus wants us to get involved, have skin in the game. They want to avoid the decompensated structures in which people with $100 bills who entered soon charge astronomical amounts with hardly anything.

To start participating in the Matched Bonus Program (that’s what they call their compensation program), Nimbus asks us to create an investment flow (let’s enter money into the Avalon App). Later, to unlock more levels and earn additional income, we will need to meet the following requirements:


It is important to add that GEMs have staking functionality but not only to be able to collect referrals but also act as masternodes. In fact, the company plans to convert GEMs into masternodes when at the end of the compensation plan so that dividends can be paid for them (the same as in ETH, Dash and other cryptocurrencies based on the proof of stake).

I like this because it gives a purpose to making staking for the referral program that goes beyond receivable: what is sought is a continuity in the project. In other posts we will go into details about the inner workings of NMBT and GEM tokens.


Based on the basis that we will accumulate GEMs (thanks to our benefits and those of our referrals), we will be able to open up the different levels of compensation. Nimbus proposes a very aggressive and competitive initial compensation program that reaches up to 25 levels to later make it more complicated and expensive so as not to overload the compensation plan (i.e. that the company does not lose money).

This will happen as new revenue and users enter. That is, in this case they reward much more the first users (early adopters) than those who enter later, but always maintaining a balance, demanding that these early users keep GEMs in their reservations.

The referral programme would look like this in that regard:

As you can see, it is a very interesting compensation program, especially for the first capital flows.

I was struck by the aggressiveness of the program, which was not too much in the sense of depleting the company’s funds. In that sense, when I asked Andrea, she told me the following:

– It is a co-financed program. That is, the company’s marketing budget is used to pay for it.

– The system generates more profitability than is offered to users (which is already very high), precisely to reserve funds for the management and development of the company, including the compensation plan.
[the_ad id=”2137″] – The compensation plan will decrease as the difficulty of new capital inflows progresses (the user quota is filled).

In short, it is a very generous compensation plan because they want to boost the growth of Nimbus Platform as quickly as possible and use the power of network marketing to achieve it.


Nimbus offers us to enjoy your compensation plan in its entirety for free (without having to GEMs) for 4 weeks (30 days).


Next, I’ll make the arguments that led me to open an account on Nimbus Platform.

First of all, it is a super ambitious project (the more I research the more I realize that what they want to do is brutal) and that we have to see how it develops. At the moment I am merely evaluating the internal structure of the project, as well as the possibility of investing in cryptocurrency arbitration and participating in the business through its referral program.

I suppose, as in all projects, when you have the opportunity to talk directly to the company’s leaders, know its strategic plan, its products, etc. you can evaluate better. In this case both Andrea and David transmitted to me a lot of professionalism, trust and closeness.

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I know the statistical arbitration, especially applied on Forex, so I feel comfortable investing in this type of system. In addition, I am very struck by the compensation plan format using internal tokens and dynamic flows applied by Nimbus Platform. For me it is very novel and, honestly, I feel like experiencing it.

I also think that I should not be frightened by the compensation plan (by the fact that it earns so much), after understanding well how it works and what they want to achieve, I see it increasingly feasible.

I also think that the team behind it comes, as they say, comes from the more traditional professional financial world. They are aware that cryptocurrencies offer business perspectives that do not occur in other sectors. But they are also aware that this sector needs serious companies and that they are in charge of regulation in order to thrive.

By putting a hit (later I’m sure I’ll find more, keep in mind that this is a preliminary review), I think the project is very big, very ambitious. I hope they know how to develop it well and that they can coordinate everything that is needed to achieve it.

I also think that this is a somewhat complex project for the average user, possibly due to the technical level that accompanies it. From the company they are trying to improve the communication of the same, let’s hope they can achieve it.

In short, Nimbus Platform is a project that is now in a launch process, so we’ll have to see how the facts unfold. In any case, I will personally get involved in the project, always controlling the risks, as everything investor should do.

I’ll get more news in a few short stories shortly. I hope this preliminary guide could have served you, but I invite you to do – always – your own research.

WeHolders holds investment positions on Nimbus Platform and participates in its referral program. However, we do not have any other contractual links of any kind with the Nimbus Platform team or any other collaborator. The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any investment recommendation. If on your own initiative you decide to invest, remember never to invest that money that you cannot afford to lose.

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