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Hello everybody,

We are here again with one “different” robot, in this case is a private Forex Robot, that means we can´t say the name for the moment but we want to show you results of this robot.

First of all we want to say we are using it in real account and we want to say too we are “working” with this robot from few months ago, so we know what we are speaking about, not demo, real account.

Strategy of this private forex robot

Private Ea

The strategy of this robot is simple, very fast trades trying to get the maximum profit in the most sort time possible, it is, is like a high frequency robot but with some differences to avoid problems with the brokers. Most of the trades duration is less than one minute but more than 10 seconds so we avoid problems with the brokers and normally the drawdown is very low, you have win or losses trades in short time period.

Results of this Private Forex Robot

One good thing is the drawdown is very small, as the trades are very fast there are 3 important things:

  1. You need a very good VPS. The Vps need to be fast, with fast ping to server of broker.
  2. The account should be with low spread and fast execution. This is maybe the most important thing.
  3. Patience, you can´t win always, you need to let it run and the robot.

For the moment this is all we can say about this Private Forex Robot. We are trying to do it stable and profitable. Stay tuned!!!

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