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Hello everybody,

We are here again to speak about the new ea we are testing, Questway Miner 3.0 Forex Robot. This is a new robot for GOLD too and is a faster scalper based is hedge strategy using a low time frame like one minute or five minute. The ea looks like this:

questway miner 3.0


As you can see at this moment the Forex Robot has some trades openned and  the results of this trades depends of the trend of the pair, in this case GOLD currency. We are using for two weeks at this moment and the results are good, more than 20% in profit but in our opinion or our feeling is this Questway Miner 3.0 Forex Robot is a risky ea, similar than Gold mining ea.

The setings of this Forex Robot looks like this:


settings questway miner ea


As you can see there is nothing to configure, the Forex Robot has it owns strategy and you need to trus 100% in this strategy, nothing to do to get best results of best set files. This kind of eas need a “big” balance to start because you need to be prepare for hard uptrend or downtrend, specially in GOLD currency.

So for the moment we will continue testing this one and another two new Forex Robots and we will keep you updated about the results of this forex robot. In the next posts we will speak about a new strategy based in very fast trades, trades of 10 seconds maximum. Stay tuned because the new eas are very promising for the moment.


Thanks to all!!

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