The Best Forex Robots 2019 -Review 1

One of the most controversial topics of the Forex, is undoubtedly the subject of Robots. Many who begin to trade Forex discover that they are unable to be profitable. However the market is there, generating thousands of daily opportunities for all those who have the ability to find and trade them.
One of the easiest ways to stay in the game is to let a machine, a Forex robot make the decisions, but there comes also another dilemma: Which are the best Forex Robots? Which Robot to trust?


iForexRobot is a European software company, which since 2016 is developing automated systems for Forex trading (Robots, Expert Advisors) compatible with the trading platform Metatrader 4.
Most of the Forex Robots found on the web do not usually have associated support or any kind of associated service.
In iForexRobot they have an added value, since they have a support team that is in charge of monitoring the accounts and tracking their clients to reduce the risks according to the preservation of their traders’ capital and to guarantee that the robot operates correctly.

Trade a Forex Robot, from only 1,500 dollars

One of the advantages of Robots is that emotions are left aside when trading.
As they are not afraid, they do not stop, they continue with their algorithms and as long as there are the appropriate circumstances to trade, they will do so. However, you always have control of the AE, you can be disconnected when you see fit.
There are Forex Robots that need very large accounts to trade, precisely because when the market is not favorable, the accumulated losses (Drawdown) can be very high.
iForexRobot is aware that not all traders have great capital to trade, that is why they have designed Robots capable of trading on accounts from 1,500 dollars, with results consistent and verifiable over time. Here you can see the results of some audited real accounts:



IForexRobot’s main automated system is the “PipHiker“.
This Robot has allowed some operators to double their account in just 6 months, sounds good, doesn’t it?
One of PipHiker’s secrets is that it is able to protect traders’ accounts against large market movements, since it uses hedging strategies, similar to the grid, maintaining short and long positions at the same time.
It trades on 1-minute charts, using classic indicators such as the RSI and MACD, to launch its orders.
The currency pairs where he usually trades are the EUR-USD, the AUD-NZD and the GBP-JPY, the pairs that have historically been best shown for the trade used by the Robot.
To trade PipHiker, it is recommended to use at least two uncorrelated pairs to avoid large losses when the market moves in a violent direction.

PipHiker Results in 2019

The movement is demonstrated by walking, and the results of PipHiker are demonstrated by the evolution of several trading accounts managed by this Robot during this year 2018.
During this year the market conditions have been favourable and EA PipHiker has been able to take advantage of them.
Although as iForexRobot warns, the success is not only due to the good work of the Robot (which has an important weight in the success), factors such as the fast execution of the Forex Broker used, the chosen pairs, the configuration of the risk and a constant monitoring of the open positions also influence.
What we can never control is the risk of the market, so we have to focus on what we can have under control.

The best Forex Robot

In iForexRobot they have available a good number of Forex Robots that they monitor constantly, but the case of Piphiker is quite curious, because it seems not to be affected by any compromised situation of the market. best robots of forex Piphiker.

The Best Forex Robots 2019 -Review 2
Some systems that operate in a more traditional way can be affected by Brokers with large differentials, but this is not the case.
The objective of this Robot is to double a trading account in less than a year and so far in 2018, the objective has been met.
To trade with the Piphiker and have greater guarantees of success, it is recommended to run it from a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Dese iForexRobot can help you to correctly configure all the details to guide you in the process.

How to be successful in Forex trading with Robots

While the choice of expert advisor is crucial to success, as it is where the operational advantage resides, it is not the only factor influencing ultimate success.
That an account grows over time using Trading Robots, has to do with making the right decisions, at very specific times.
What factors will influence our success in trading Piphiker?

Choosing the best currency pairs

For our system to work, we must trade uncorrelated currency pairs.
Uncorrelated or negative currency pairs are those that move with opposite trends. If one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa.
With this simple decision, we eliminate much of the market risk, which is what happens when an event that we have not taken into account happens, causing a strong movement in currencies and if we are trading with correlated markets, they would all move in the same direction.
The currency pairs with the largest number of trades, and which have been shown to work best are the Australian dollar at its cross with the New Zealand dollar, the euro with the dollar and during the month of October has worked very well, the crossing of the euro with the Canadian dollar. hedging-strategy-with-Options-Binary-correlations.

Choosing the right margin and leverage

Forex trading is done with margin accounts, that’s their magic and also where the biggest headaches can arise.
The leverage used has to have a logic. To use Forex Robots you must have at least 1:400 leverage, so that there is margin to have several positions open, without risking the total of the account.
As leverage decreases, a larger margin is needed to trade.
In the case of Piphiker, at least $1,500 per pair traded is recommended, so if you want to trade two different pairs, your account should have at least $3,000.
These two concepts: margin and leverage, we have to master them perfectly, they are the ones that are going to keep us inside the game and in the end, the ones that will make us earn money.

Choosing time frames
The time frames on which to operate are quite a personal matter and have more to do with the operator and his way of understanding the market.
Some prefer to trade using daily charts, others of 4 hours, 15 minutes or 5 minutes.
Fortunately with Piphiker we don’t have to worry about time frames, as it uses 1 minute time frames (M1), so it always finds opportunities to open trades, it’s quite a dynamic system.
To give you an idea of the size of the trades, even though it is a very active Expert Advisor, it only trades two or three monthly lots on average, on an account of about 3,000 dollars.

Can I choose other currency pairs or assets?

Piphiker is designed to trade any currency pair, it is even possible to trade precious metals such as gold or silver, commodities such as oil or indices such as the SP 500 or DAX. However, in order to maintain a controllable risk factor, its developers recommend that it be traded in currency pairs where it has statistically proven its best performance (EURUSD, GBPNZD, AUDNZD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD, EURCHF).

How to choose the best Forex Robot?

As you can see on the iForexRobot portal, there is a wide variety of systems available for trading.
Each of them has its own characteristics, with different trading rules, an appropriate account size and money management rules designed for each Robot.
Before making the decision to trade one or the other Robot, you should review all these small details to find the Robot that best suits your vision of the market, your psychology and the size of your account.

The Best Forex Robots 2019 -Review 3
Piphiker is the Forex Robot that has done the best in 2018, under very specific circumstances.
Always be vigilant, because market situations can vary. In any case iForexRobot maintain a customer service, to solve any type of incident that may arise with your Robots and your operation. the best forex robots, choose

Are iForexRobot Robots valid for all Brokers?

In theory iForexRobot Robots work correctly in all Brokers, which logically allow trading with Expert Advisors.
Usually, those who have Metatrader 4 trading platform allow its use. Some even have free VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, others offer it for free depending on the size of the account or number of lots traded, and in some cases you have to pay for its use.
In any case, that is not the most important thing to decide between one broker or another.
The important thing is to choose a regulated broker and, if possible, with adjusted spreads that leave us with a higher profit margin per trade.

The problem of leverage by European regulations

The new European CFD regulations enacted by the ESMA, under the auspices of the authorities of the European Economic Community, have left the CFD market very much touched.
The problem we residents in Europe have is that, if we want to open an account with a European broker, the maximum leverage we can aspire to is 1:30.
Logically, this limits our trading very much. Either we have a very large trading account, or it would be practically impossible to trade with a Forex Robot.
Fortunately we have a small hole to sneak into, open an account in a regulated broker, but outside the European Union.
There are several alternatives, such as Australian Brokers, which have a very rigid regulator that controls them very closely, but has not placed such restrictive leverage limitations as in Europe.
Some of the European Brokers themselves allow accounts to be opened with subsidiaries located in other countries (Australia) or under international regulation, so that they can increase the leverage margins allowed to operate. Brokers located in tax havens, the European esma.


Trading with Forex Robots eliminates one of the biggest problems of discretionary trading: trading live.
When trading live we have to control our emotions, and it is well known that we have primary emotions such as fear, which are so inside our subconscious and no one can avoid them. The most experienced traders manage to repress them and control them, but they suffer them.
By leaving decision making in the hands of an automatic system, we can devote ourselves to supervising the operation, without having to enter fully into what is happening in the market.
We can forget if the dollar goes up or down, if the gold is going down or up, if our operation is positive or negative, it is a machine that controls the whole operation.
We must not forget something fundamental of Trading: those of us who operate in the financial markets, we do it seeking to have more time for other things, to stop working routinely in an office that does not motivate us at all.

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