Titan Hedge Forex Robot

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We are here again with our new review in this year and in this time we will speak about Titan Hedge Forex Robot. This is a new forex robot we are testing now and in few weeks we will come back with good results, we hope..

First let’s say this Forex robot is not based in HFT (High Frequency Trading), this Titan Hedge Forex Robot is based in a hedge strategy and each trade has take profit and stop loss so in this case and as you surely know we avoid martingale robots and somethings like this. Here you have one picture about how Hedge Forex Strategy works:

titan Forex Robots

As you can see and as we said before each trade has SL and TP, we will have losses but the goal of this kind of strategy is get profits at the end of the day, week or month, this is our main goal as all you know.

Titan Hedge Forex Robot – Review

This time we have done something we never do, we have started using this Forex Robots in real account from the beginning so all the results posted here or in future posts will we in real account. There are a lot of Hedge based Forex Robots out there but in this case, the special thing of this Forex Robot is it add more strategies to find good entry points and for the moment the results are very impressive, more than 60% in one week.

Titan Hedge Forex Robot

As you can see today we get a profit of more than 7% in one single day, 35% in one week etc..

Titan Hedge Forex Robot

These are the results for the moment of Titan Hedge Forex Robot. As we always say we need to know if these profits are possible to maintain  in a long period of time, not only for some weeks or days.

Anyway the review of this Titan Hedge Forex Robot for the moment is very very good, and very promised. We will check some weeks later…


As you can see we are very excite with this new Forex Robot, good profit, low drawdown, so as we usually do, we will keep updated in the next weeks. Stay tuned!!!!!

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