trend master pro ea scammer

Today we want to speak about Trend Master Pro Ea, one “personal” Forex Robot that one guy named Ole (ottomanroe@gmail.com) is selling in one private channel in telegram. This guy have some videos on youtube about how this Forex Robot works and he is selling for 200 USD.

We are waiting to receive the Trend Master Pro Ea for about 3 days and for the moment we havent any new about this guy so we are thinking this guy is one the most common who is into the forex robots “world”, scammers.

Here you have some videos:

As you see all appears to be very real but for the moment this guy is dissapeared, and with him some money that he is stealing from some people.

Please be aware with this guy and if you have benn scammed contact with us, we need to avoid this kind of bad persons stealing the money from the people.

We will keep you updated.


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